Why Buy From Us?

A genuine UK company with stock in the UK

  • Unlike a growing number of our competitors we are a genuine UK company established and trading on-line for over 13 years. We hold everything we sell in stock ourselves in our UK warehouse.

A .co.uk website doesn't mean it's a UK company

  • Our customers have made us aware of a number of websites implying they are based in the UK by using a .co.uk domain name, when in fact they are traders based in China. Poor spelling and grammar is usually a sign you are not dealing with who you think you are. (One such company wishing to look prestigious claims to have a warehouse in Mayfair!)
  • Goods shipped direct from China will take much longer to arrive with you and are often of poorer quality. You will also be landed with a bill to pay for Duty and VAT when the goods are eventually delivered. If you subsequently have a problem you have no one to phone. If you need to return your item for any reason you’d have to send it back to China!
You get what you pay for...
  • It’s an old saying but it really is true. We only supply high quality products from top brand manufacturers at sensible prices. We've noticed a number of websites, including eBay And Amazon, are now offering cheap or fake original batteries built using Chinese cells. In a recent survey by a national newspaper, 33 of the 34 test purchases they made from an auction site were fake goods! All parts supplied by us are manufactured using brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG. When it comes to electronics, cheapest isn't always best!